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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
Aaaaaaa-steven [no description available]
ASAANZmembers Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ASAANZ) email list
Asdunz Academic Staff Developers of the Universities of New Zealand
Avuw [no description available]
Avuw-discussion [no description available]
Beims-contractor-web-users [no description available]
Beims-remote-desktop-users [no description available]
Beims-web-remote-request-users [no description available]
Ceed-rutherford-house [no description available]
chim-l Cultural Heritage Information Management Research Group
Chrism-test [no description available]
Climate-Change NZ Climate Change Research Inst Network
CLL-all [no description available]
CLL-rutherford-house [no description available]
CLL-up [no description available]
Core-alumni Alumni
Core-ei CoRE EI
Core-postdocs [no description available]
Crism-test [no description available]
DigLibSIG Email discussion list for Digital Library SIG of LIANZA
Ecology-seminars [no description available]
Epp-staff EPP teachers and support staff
ESCI-academics ESCI-academics
FAD-Academics Faculty of Architecture & Design Academic Staff
FAD-Admins Faculty of Architecture & Design Administration Staff
FAD-Architecture School of Architecture Academic Staff
FAD-Architecture-Postgrads School of Architecture Postgrads
FAD-Architecture-Students School of Architecture Students
FAD-Design School of Design Academic Staff
FAD-Design-Postgrads School of Design Postgrads
FAD-Design-Students School of Design Undergraduate Students
FAD-Library-Staff Architecture and Design Library Staff
FAD-Office Architecture and Design test list
FAD-Staff Faculty of Architecture & Design and A&D Library Staff
FAD-Students Architecture and Design Undergraduate Students
FAD-Technicians Architecture and Design Technical Staff
Fca-sef FCA SEF
Fm-operations VUW Mail Room staff
Foundations Foundations
Geophys-discussion Geophysics paper and research discussion email list
Health-info Members of LIANZA Health-SIG
Ips-general [no description available]
IST IST staff email list
IST-students MIS & MLIS staff and students
Kk409-lab [no description available]
Laganz Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand (LAGANZ)
Lals-staff LALS staff, not research assistants or casuals
Law-Lib email discussion list sponsored by the New Zealand Law Librarians' Association (NZLLA)
Leadership-network [no description available]
Leadpac [no description available]
LearningAndTeaching VUW Learning and Teaching Electronic Mailing List
Library-edi Library EDI team list
linux-users SCPS Linux Users
Management-in-Action-alumni Managers who have completed the MiA course.
Mba-students MBA Students
mddn-alumni Media Design Alumni mailing list
MDDN-Students MDDN Students
myvic-admin myVictoria Portal
NZ-Libs Discussion of library and information services in New Zealand
NZ-Libs-Acquisitions Materials that can be acquired by NZ Libraries
NZ-Libs-Jobs Jobs in NZ Libraries
NZASIAmembers NZASIA members mail list
NZfolklore NZ Folklore email list
nzrecords A list for the New Zealand recordkeeping community
Pacific-HR-Core-Group HR Core Group
Pgsa-exec Post Grad student assoc members
Postgradcoordinators [no description available]
ppsc [no description available]
Psir-doc-society PSIR Doctoral Society
Rnwod [no description available]
Sef-hons SEF Grads
Sef-seminar SEF Seminar
Sef-teach SEF Tutors
Senior-Leadership Senior Leadership Team
Ses-all Ses-all
ses-exec SES Executive
Ses-grads-all Ses-grads-all
Ses-grads-geog Ses-grads-geog
Ses-grads-geolgphs Ses-grads-geolgphs
Ses-grads-phd Ses-grads-phd
Ses-seminars Ses-seminars
Ses-staff-academic Ses-staff-academic
Ses-staff-all Ses-staff-all
Ses-staff-geog Ses-staff-geog
Ses-staff-geolphs Ses-staff-geolphs
Sgeesprofs Sgeesprofs
sirg nz snow and ice research group
Slis-nz Special Libraries & Information Services
Smib SMIB Communication list
Steven-test [no description available]
Teachingandlearning VUW Teaching and Learning Electronic Mailing List
Technology [no description available]
Toihuarewa Maori Academic and General staff
VBS-all Victoria Business School
vbs-som SOM
Visualculture Academic Staff and Postgraduate students interested in visual culture research
vms-masters [no description available]
vms-phd-candidates [no description available]
VUCEL [no description available]
Vucel-deskholders [no description available]
VUW-SAS-Users Info for users and teachers of SAS at Victoria
Watest [no description available]
Wsanz Women's Studies Association list
Zzzz-steven [no description available]

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