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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
Aaaaaaa-steven [no description available]
ASAANZmembers Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ASAANZ) email list
Avuw [no description available]
Avuw-discussion [no description available]
Beims-contractor-web-users [no description available]
Beims-remote-desktop-users [no description available]
Beims-web-remote-request-users [no description available]
BrownBag [no description available]
Ceed-rutherford-house Wellington Uni-Professional Team mailing list
Climate-Change NZ Climate Change Research Inst Network
CLL-all [no description available]
CLL-rutherford-house [no description available]
CLL-up [no description available]
Cogsci-all [no description available]
Core-alumni Alumni
Core-ei CoRE EI
Core-postdocs CoRE Postdocs
Decolhub VUW Decolonisation Hub
DigLibSIG Email discussion list for Digital Library SIG of LIANZA
Ecology-seminars [no description available]
eli-staff EPP teachers and support staff
FAD-Academics Faculty of Architecture & Design Academic Staff
FAD-Admins Wellington Faculty of Architecture & Design Innovation administration staff
FAD-Architecture Wellington School of Architecture staff
FAD-Architecture-Postgrads Wellington School of Architecture postgrads
FAD-Architecture-Students Wellington School of Architecture students
FAD-Design School of Design Innovation staff
FAD-Design-Postgrads School of Design Innovation postgrads
FAD-Design-Students School of Design Innovation students
FAD-Library-Staff Architecture and Design Library Staff
FAD-Office Architecture and Design test list
FAD-Staff Faculty of Architecture & Design and A&D Library Staff
FAD-Students Wellington Architecture and Design Innovation students
FAD-Technicians Architecture and Design Technical Staff
Fca-sef FCA SEF
Ferrier-staff-gf-only-list [no description available]
Ferrier-students-gf-only-list [no description available]
Foundations Foundations
Geophys-discussion Geophysics paper and research discussion email list
Health-info Members of LIANZA Health-SIG
Hppi-academic-staff PSIR academic staff
IST IST staff email list
IST-students MIS & MLIS staff and students
Laganz Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand (LAGANZ)
Lals-staff LALS staff, not research assistants or casuals
Law-all [no description available]
Law-Lib email discussion list sponsored by the New Zealand Law Librarians' Association (NZLLA)
Leadership-network [no description available]
Leadpac [no description available]
LearningAndTeaching VUW Learning and Teaching Electronic Mailing List
linux-users Linux Users
mddn-alumni Media Design Alumni mailing list
MDDN-Students MDDN undergraduate students
Mesa [no description available]
mi-icam-list [no description available]
Mi-mmrp [no description available]
NZ-Libs Discussion of library and information services in New Zealand
NZ-Libs-Acquisitions Materials that can be acquired by NZ Libraries
NZ-Libs-Jobs Jobs in NZ Libraries
Nz-nmr-and-mri [no description available]
NZASIAmembers NZASIA members mail list
NZGSwellington NZGS Wellington
nzrecords A list for the New Zealand recordkeeping community
Nzwritingsig [no description available]
Pgsa-exec PGSA executive members
Postgradcoordinators [no description available]
Psyc-honours [no description available]
Pubsig-l How public librarians keep in touch with one another!
Rh-occupants [no description available]
SBS-RC-members [no description available]
Sbsra [no description available]
sccop_ojs A list for staff supporting open access journal software.
Sef-ed-phd-students [no description available]
Sef-hons SEF Grads
Sef-phd-students [no description available]
Sef-seminar SEF Seminar
Senior-Leadership Senior Leadership Team
ses-grads-thesis SGEES All Thesis Students
Ses-masters-p1 SGEES Masters P1/Hons/PGDip/180 Students
Ses-seminars SGEES Seminars List
Ses-staff-academic SGEES Academic Staff
Ses-staff-all SGEES All Staff
Simpgs School of Information Management
Simstaff School of Information Management
Simtutors School of Information Management
sirg nz snow and ice research group
Slis-nz Special Libraries & Information Services
Smib SMIB Communication list
SOAC State of Australasian Cities Conference 2023
som-all SOM
SSU4 SSU4 Conference
STHVboard [no description available]
Strategies The learning strategies hub
Teachingandlearning VUW Teaching and Learning Electronic Mailing List
Temporary1 to test notifications for call 1911263
Test-1827110 [no description available]
Test-vam [no description available]
Test-van [no description available]
vms-masters [no description available]
vms-phd-candidates [no description available]
VUCEL Coastal Ecology Lab - all affiliates
Vucel-deskholders Coastal Ecology Lab - on-site affiliates
Vuw-test [no description available]
Watest [no description available]
Wgtn-associatedeans Associate-Deputy Deans
Wgtn-csuadmin Central Services Unit Administration
Wgtn-csudirectors [no description available]
Wgtn-deans Deans
Wgtn-facultymanagers Faculty Managers
Wgtn-foms [no description available]
Wgtn-hos [no description available]
Wgtn-schooladmin School Administration
Wgtn-schoolmanagers [no description available]
Wgtn-slt Senior Leadership Team
Wgtn-slt-eas SLT - EAs
Works_notifications [no description available]
Wps Wellington Postdoctoral Society
WSBG-all Wellington School of Business and Government
Wsbg-all-phd All current WSBG PhD students
Wsbg-all-students All current WSBG UG + PG students (not PhD)

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